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Menehunes Hoax, Miscellaneous News

August 26th, 2013

Thanks to the internet and YouTube, this blog and video segments from my Career Changers TV show has led to contacts from all over the globe. TV producers from the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Food Network have either emailed me or been in touch with people who appeared on CCTV to do their own pieces for national audiences. Sometimes they use my stuff as research or backstory, which is cool. But last week I got a good laugh when I opened this email:

Hello, Rich - I am a researcher with a television production company located in Hampton, Virginia called m2 Pictures. We produce a documentary-style series for the Destination American Channel called “Monsters and Mysteries in America.” Within each episode of this series, we explore accounts of monstrous and mysterious happenings throughout the United States.

In our research, we recently came across reported encounters with the Menehune, and were interested in featuring those stories in one of our upcoming episodes. In each episode we invite locals, experts, and those who have personal encounters to participate in on-camera interviews to help us tell the most complete and accurate story of each paranormal phenomenon. I recently came across an article you wrote for the Star Advertiser discussing the potential discovery of a Menehune Village by photographer Ann Thompson. I was wondering if you might be interested in speaking with me about your knowledge of the Menehune?

She was referring to my Star-Advertiser blog that was posted on April 1 (this one). Somehow, the date didn't tip her off that it was a prank (and a plug for my unproduced family/adventure script based on the Menehune myths and legends). After I replied to her, she wrote back that she felt a "bit foolish," but took it all in good spirits. What's more, she was going to follow up on some of my other suggested contacts who may wind up on that TV show to talk about their paranormal encounters.


Speaking of local connections that have appeared on nationally-broadcast shows, I ran into Camille Komine of Camille's on Wheels food truck fame, at the annual Kailua Racquet Club Doubles Tournament last month. If you follow her on Twitter, you might have noticed she hasn't been Tweeting much about where she'll be next. That's because the club hired her to do their food service for  KRC members and tournament sponsors' dinners, which was a big hit. She's also been doing more private catering. In fact, she said Heidi Klum requested her to do all the cooking for Heidi's entourage when she was here in April (and got attention for saving her son from drowning). That was no April Fool's joke.

Camille has been featured on a couple of Food Network and Cooking Channel shows. The one she really enjoys talking about is Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, otherwise known as Triple D. According to her, Guy's research staff does a very thorough job of vetting possible candidates for the program, and she was certain that the piece we did on her for Career Changers TV helped convince them she would be good on camera. Here's that video link from our growing YouTube archives.

I asked if the Kailua Racquet Club experience has given her the itch to open her own full-fledged restaurant. She smiled and said there are no immediate plans, but I got the feeling that if the right location comes along at the right time, we may see her trade in her wheels for something with four walls and a door.


Also, keep your eyes open for a favorite of local foodies making their own move from farmers markets and pop-up kitchens to a new home once occupied by Pacific Gateway Center's Lemongrass Cafe on North King Street near Chinatown. Due to budget cutbacks, PGC is moving their offices to their Kalihi kitchen incubator location, and renting out the N. King Street space to bring in more revenue. An announcement should be coming in the next week or two about the new restaurant that I think is going to excite many folks.


You can still catch the August episode of Career Changers TV daily on OC16 until Sat., Sept. 7. Click here for viewing times and links to the CCTV YouTube Channel. Got more great stories for September, including some scoops you won't see anywhere else. BTW, I'm lining up sponsors for the big Halloween show and Christmas episode, so send me an email if you're interested in advertising!

'Bows Should Try Hypnotherapy

December 31st, 2012

Watching the UH men's basketball team shoot fouls has been painful. Missed free throws has already cost them games and the Bows nearly lost another one this weekend when they only made 16 of 31 from the so-called "charity line." The Wahine hoopsters might have beaten Alabama this weekend, had they sunk a couple more foul shots too. Since it's a given they probably take hundreds of shots in practice, what's the problem?

I think it's mostly mental. Studies have shown that positive visualization in sports can lead to improved performance. "See" the proper tennis stroke or golf putt in your mind, and brainwaves show the same activity as if the person was doing it for real. Perhaps, seeing other players miss shots in pressure situations becomes contagious because the next guy to shoot is subconsciously altering his own mechanics to avoid putting up a brick. Throughout the young season thus far, the Bows have gone through patches where no one seems to be able to get the ball to fall through the rim... it's like a magic shield goes up around the basket. Fans begin to expect them to miss, and you can hear the groans in the arena when the contagion causes them to blow wide open shots and easy lay-ups.

A few years back, Riley Wallace used to have two sports psychologists work with his teams. I don't know if they ever employed hypnotherapy or visualization techniques, but Coach Arnold should consider giving it a shot (pun intended). Hypnotherapy isn't hocus pocus -- it's even used in medicine to treat pain these days, according to Mindy Ash, who we featured on Career Changers TV in July. Here's the link to that segment. Give her a call, Gib! Heck, when a Division I team barely makes 50 percent of their free throws, trying something new can't hurt.


On a related sports note, former UH football great Ashley Lelie is getting married today. I got that news firsthand while I was filming a new segment for CCTV sponsor, Argosy University at their Downtown campus on Bishop Street. He was there with fiancee Noza Yusufbekova, an Argosy grad student in their clinical psychology program, who we first interviewed in this segment. Noza is smart, charming, and very attractive, to state the obvious. And I have to say Ashley is a genuinely humble guy. Congrats to both of them! One thing is for sure: it will be much easier for me to spell Noza's last name in the lower third graphics that go on screen.

Our January episode features new pieces on architects, the fashion biz, art and more. The 2013 kick-off show premieres Saturday at 8:30 pm on OC16. For daily viewing times throughout the week, please visit www.CareerChangers.TV. You can also watch segments from past and current episodes on the CCTV YouTube Channel. Happy New Years!

Wither Twitter, Social Media?

September 4th, 2012

Somewhat related to my last post on Good PR/Bad PR, is the idea of using social media for public relations and marketing. Two years ago, when I first started producing the Career Changers TV show for OC16, it was the hot new thing -- you just had to try Twitter and get on the Facebook bandwagon! Seminars were springing up all over the place to guide old fogies like me through the Brave New World of social media, with consultants showing how your business could Tweet its way to success. Blogging was so yesterday.

At first, I was interested in Twitter's potential. I could see how people and businesses might use it to build audiences or reward followers with special offers without having to spend a lot of money on traditional advertising. Facebook was more of a place to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances I had lost touch with long ago. It was almost surreal hearing from people I vaguely knew in high school or college, who now wanted to be "friends" even though we had little in common. Yet I was curious to read what others were up to, and would check my FB page throughout the day... at first, that is.

Eventually, I stopped checking Facebook and my Twitter feed. Some Tweeters would suddenly fill the page with a torrent of Tweets, usually about nothing much, before disappearing back into the void. Many just re-Tweeted postings from wittier people or shared oddball stuff. There were some useful links to blogs and articles that I did want to read, but it was getting to be a chore sifting through the twaddle. Ironically, the more people I "connected" with via social media, the less I cared about their daily doings and thoughts. The world became smaller, less mysterious. Instant access = instant distance from the "real" physical place we live and work in, paradoxically making me feel more disconnected as I scroll through Tweets and Facebook status updates.

Apparently, I'm not alone in that sentiment. Surveys show "Facebook fatigue" is spreading, with one in three saying they've gotten bored with social media. Here's the link to that article, which doesn't really say much... in fact, it's the sort of thing bloggers would have had a field day with back when blogging was in vogue. Have you noticed a lot of your old bookmarked blogs are defunct now, or posts have become more infrequent? The truth is very few who blog actually make any money from their efforts, so it becomes a slog after awhile to keep providing fresh content for readers who don't want to pay for content. Me, I do it primarily to promote my TV show. It's free advertising, in other words.

As for following me on Twitter or Facebook, eh, not really worth it. I rarely feel I have anything to add that is going to change anyone's mind about the Big Issues of the day. If anything, social media merely enforces what one already believes by connecting you to like-minded people, who "unfriend" those who don't think the same way... heck, I do it too rather than get in pointless online arguments with people I haven't seen in 20-30 years.

Perhaps, the best thing about Facebook is it makes me appreciate my life here more. The grass really is greener on this side of the ocean, and affirms what we all know: lucky you live Hawaii.


The new September episode premiere last Saturday night got bumped due to high school football, but you can still see it on other days and nights! Viewing times are listed on www.CareerChangers.TV and segments from past episodes are posted on the CCTV YouTube Channel. If you ask me, YouTube has been the biggest game changer for new marketing/advertising strategies.

Boaters Feedback Wanted

April 12th, 2011

Float inflatedOn our April CCTV show, we decided to test the local waters with an infomercial about a new ocean rescue device that was developed by Hawaii Kai inventor, Dr. Rob Yonover. It's an inflatable paddle board type life raft, which folds into a carry-on bag that weighs just 15 pounds, and takes up very little space on boats.

For you boaters and fishermen, I have a question: What do you think of the $350 price, which includes Dr. Yonover's patented RescueStreamer® as well? The streamer is a signaling device that unrolls to a length of 40-feet, and has plastic struts to keep it from twisting up when deployed in the water or on land. Here's the link for the Life/Float order page, which includes videos for that and the streamer (at bottom of page).

According to Dr. Yonover, most boats in Hawaii don't carry standard life rafts because they cost upwards of $3,000 and take up room. The rigid life rafts must also be serviced regularly... so $350 for the Life/Float and streamer combo seemed like a good offer to us. But is that too pricey to sell on TV or through the internet? Would you be more inclined to buy it at a retail store or boating show, where you could see it up close?

Your opinion is important to us because we're considering doing a 1 or 2 minute version that can air on the Mainland in other markets where there are lots of boaters. You can tell us what you think in the comments below or by emailing me at Mahalo!

F at night


Do you click on the Honolulu Pulse pictures links on the Star-Advertiser front page? If so, you may have seen the photos from the Venetian Masked Ball at the ArtZone. A few months ago, we did a feature on Kurt Kaminaka -- the owner of the ArtZone house -- and it's really a pretty interesting story. You can view the video on the CCTV YouTube Channel by clicking here. I hear KK has plans to create a new ArtZone house project, but am not sure if he sold the first one yet, which was his plan.


Speaking of remodeling projects, one of our sponsors has moved into new office space that used to be occupied by the bookstore at the corner of Bishop Street and Hotel Street. Over the past two years, Argosy University has seen enrollment grow to the point where they needed to expand their facilities. Their admissions and administrative staff are now at the new location, and the old offices were converted to additional classrooms on the fourth floor of the American Savings Tower at Bishop Square. You can see that segment on the current show or click here for the video. They also have regular open houses, which usually are tied to academic programs they offer. To find out more, you can call them at 536-5555. Tell them Career Changers sent you!

For daily viewing times on OC16 and other useful links, please visit our website. You can also watch videos from past and current shows on our CCTV YouTube Channel.

Home Improvement Biz Needs Improving

April 6th, 2011

I wanted to write something positive to promote the new Career Changers TV episode that premiers Thurs., 8:30 PM on OC16, but I feel like I have to get this off my chest: Are local companies purposely trying to lose business? Over the past few weeks, my wife and I have been getting price quotes for new windows, carpeting, air conditioning and bathroom remodeling projects. Here's some of the things we've encountered...

• Companies that take days to get back to us with price estimates or other information we requested. Some didn't respond until we followed up a week later. And this was for things that would cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. Those were lost sales that went to competitors who were eager to provide answers.

• Inaccurate information. In one case, we were told windows we ordered would arrive in 4-6 weeks. We made it clear that timing was important because of other work that was scheduled to be done. After 6 weeks had passed, I had to call and ask what the status was. The sales guy was defensive and made excuses before he even checked. "It normally takes 6 to 8 weeks," he said, contradicting what he told us earlier. Then he looked it up and said the windows wouldn't be arriving for another 3 weeks. I'll never do business with them again.

• Confusing price quotes. Instead of breaking out costs by items and labor, some contractors just lump everything together. When we asked for specifics, it became apparent they were including high end products or marking up certain items. We told them we were on a budget, and yet they didn't offer different options that were more affordable.

• Stores that closed at 5 pm on weekdays or weren't open on weekends. Um, if you're selling tile, carpet, or home furnishings, why would you limit your hours to times when most people are working? We even took a weekday off to go to some of those places... guess what? They were pretty empty because potential customers were at work. Sheesh.

• Speaking of empty, have you been to the Gentry Pacific Design Center lately? Lots of vacant space. That was supposed to be a place where you could get remodeling help from concept to completion. But it seemed like they were all competing for the upscale, luxury projects... and there's only so many of those to go around. Did any of them consider going after the middle class market, and offering more affordable designs for budget-minded home owners?

• Companies with name or image problems. This may sound trivial, but when you're trying to Google a company or find their website, it helps to have a name that's easy to remember. Not so good: having a name with "Sewer" in it, when they're advertising upscale bathroom remodeling services. That may be fine for plumbing work, but no one wants to tell friends or family that Joe's Sewer Cleaners did their bathroom redesign.

The one bright spot: found a good handyman in Kailua who offers very reasonable hourly rates, and always does his best to try and save us money. If you want his name and phone number, drop me an email.


Program Alert - The April CCTV episode that starts running 4/7 will feature a first for us: we're taking the leap into selling products through our show. The first items are unique life-saving devices developed by local inventor Dr. Rob Yonover, which we believe every boater and fisherman in Hawaii should have on board when they go out to sea. To find out more, please visit our website for daily viewing times or check out our CCTV YouTube Channel to watch video segments.