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Movie Biz on North Shore

June 17th, 2015

Waimea Valley is hosting their first Screen on the Green family movie nights, beginning Thurs., June 18 around 7:30 PM following their regular Haleiwa Farmers' Market from 2 to 7 PM. Pamela Boyar, who co-owns FarmLovers Farmers's Markets, suggested we make THE GOONIES our first showing. As it happens, this is the 30th Anniversary of the cult classic, so it's perfect timing for that film! Admission is free, but donations are welcome to help keep the film series going. Here's a video piece we did on Pamela for our show awhile back.

For the inaugural summer movie nights, it will be every other Thursday. The next one will be GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE, which was shot in Waimea Valley, on July 2. You can find the rest of the schedule, plus other info about what's going on at the park by visiting To see the short commercial I produced for them, click here. If all goes well, they may be offering more serious feature films and documentaries in the fall -- or even Dinner and a Movie nights at their Proud Peacock restaurant, which could have food-related themes. Beyond that, we've been talking about putting together a Waimea Surf Film Festival to coincide with the big swells that roll in during winter.

Meanwhile, Hollywood is filming new stuff on the North Shore right now. My cameraman and I were at Turtle Bay on Monday to shoot a segment about the new mountain bike trails that have been developed by Brett Lee, the owner of the Hele Huli activity center at the resort and North Shore Explorers center at the Polynesian Cultural Center's Hukilau Marketplace (here's a segment we did on Brett earlier this year).

As I drove into the resort, I saw lots of huge trucks, trailers, tents set up and knew it wasn't just another TV shoot. This was much bigger. Turns out they are filming MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES, starring Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Devine and Stephen Root. Haven't read the script myself, but someone who has told me it was funny. Speaking of not-so-hot scripts, last year I had heard from reliable sources that the "Untitled Cameron Crowe" screenplay was a mess before it even got made. Then it became ALOHA and from what I've read, it sounds like the problems on the page were never fixed before the cameras started rolling.

This is the problem when Hollywood heaps praise on writers or directors for their early work. They develop this aura that shields them from any objective criticism. People suck up to them and tell them everything they do is wonderful -- until their next project bombs at the box office. And even then, some A-list screenwriters and directors can coast for years on the success of one hit movie or TV show.

Anyhow, if you're in the North Shore area Thursday afternoon, check out the Haleiwa Farmers' Market and Waimea Valley movie night!


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