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Tea, Tetris, and 'Top Dog' Tips

July 5th, 2013

Program Alert: The July episode of Career Changers TV premieres Sat., July 6  at 8:30 PM on OC16 (which is now actually channel 12 or 1012 on high def).

The lead story is a feature on Tealet, a homegrown online specialty tea biz that was briefly mentioned in our Blue Startups segment back in May. That was the Tetris-themed show with entrepreneur Henk Rogers. His piece was about eight minutes long, but we had to edit out a lot of good stuff to fit in other stories and sponsored segments that month. So, we're running Part 2 of his fascinating interview in July. Did you know he's become a big fan of Burning Man, and has been setting up a Tetris-inspired camp there the past few years? They'll be doing it again at the end of August, and in our show he talks about what they have planned for this year's festival in the Black Rock Desert.

We also have an uplifting story about volunteers at Pacific Gateway Center who are teaching English on weekends to former farm trafficking victims from Thailand. There are 12 families that are leasing 5-acre lots through the PGC Farms project, which is helping them start their own small businesses after years of being exploited and separated from their wives and children for up to eight long years. Yet despite all the hardships they've had to endure, they can now smile, laugh, enjoy little things we take for granted... such as being a family, or simply learning to say "cauliflower." Come to think of it, it is a funny word since that vegetable isn't really a flower!

One of the nice things about having this blog and producing the Career Changers show is I never know who I might be hearing from because of internet searches and YouTube's vast reach. A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a book author who has also written articles for Newsweek. During the 2010 elections, in this blog I bemoaned the lack of imagination shown in the political campaign ads, and cited "The Creativity Crisis" by Ashley Merryman and Po Bronson (click here for that link to the Newsweek piece). Their book, NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children was on the NY Times Bestsellers list for three months and one of the top sellers on Amazon in 2009.

So I was delighted when Ashley contacted me and asked if I'd like to read their new book Top Dog - The Science of Winning and Losing. She probably came across my old post after doing a Google search in advance of her trip to Hawaii later this month, when she will be at the American Psychological Association Conference. I replied that not only would I love to get a copy of the book, I'd like to have her on my show as well. I just started reading Top Dog, and can tell you that anyone who is in a competitive field -- be it sports, education, business or politics -- you NEED to get this book. Here's the Amazon link.

They cite many studies and experiments that cover everything from NASCAR racing to professional golf and tennis tournament prize payouts, to home field advantage in politics and business negotiations, to birth order within families, and how stress affects men and women differently. After we film our interview with Ashley, I'll have much more to say about this topic. But for now, let me share a link to their "winning edge" tips for entrepreneurs, which she just emailed me this week (click here for their tips).


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