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Hawaii Inventor Gets Skechers Deal

February 14th, 2013

Mark TipzIt's official. Mark Bell sent me an email confirming that Skechers is finalizing a deal with him to provide his silicone tip connectors for shoe strings, which allow users to attach those Croc buttons or other customized fashion accessories so they can personalize their footwear -- or any kind of drawstrings for that matter. His segment is currently airing on this month's Career Changers TV show, but you can view the low res YouTube version by clicking here. At the time, he wasn't able to publicly divulge who the shoe manufacturer was that took an interest in his simple invention... which Skechers said they would like to order a million per month for 12 months!

In somewhat related news, I was contacted by a friend of Mark's who owns SeaBreeze Watersports in Hawaii Kai about doing some videos for them -- correction, they have changed their name to H2O Sports (Powered by SeaBreeze) as part of their rebranding strategy. My show did a segment on their new water-propelled Jet Pack last year, which is pretty cool to see in action. While we were filming it, Mark told me how he met Paris Hilton when she and her entourage booked the SeaBreeze activities platform for a few hours of private use while paparazzi were trying to get photos of her. It was a funny story about how he got pictures of Paris -- and her shoes (here's that post).

Paris and MarkFlash forward to last Friday, Feb. 8. I stopped in to meet with Courtney Krantz, the H2O owner, and she mentioned that they had another celeb booking for later that day: Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. As you may recall, he was in Honolulu to testify in favor of State legislation that would make it illegal for paparazzi to take photos of celebs on leased or private property. I don't know if renting a floating platform would be covered by such a law, but I'm pretty sure no one tried to take pictures of Steven without asking first -- unlike Paris, who was more concerned about managing what photos of her appeared in the media, than completely blocking them.  For some "celebs," out of sight means out of mind, and any press is better than no press.

For daily viewing times of the current Career Changers TV episode, please visit our website. However, check your on screen TV guide too since the show is being preempted by high school sports on weekends this month. You can always DVR it during the regularly scheduled daytime slots though!

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