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So You Think You Can Sing?

November 29th, 2012

Sing or Sink

We just wrapped shooting/editing of the new December episode of Career Changers TV, which will begin running on Saturday at 8:30 PM on OC16. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, most of the segments have a gift idea theme. The exception is our feature on the Sing or Sink online contest just started by local sports reporter Kanoa Leahey and three of his high school buds. But the ability to sing well is sort of a gift too, yeah?

The photo above was taken prior to the start of the Gordon Biersch launch party at Aloha Tower Marketplace (recently in the news because of the proposal by Hawaii Pacific University to take over the property, which has become something of a ghost town due to the exodus of retailers). They were invited by Kanoa and his partners -- Jerry Tanaka, Mark Ambler and John Stepien -- to be part of a live singing contest that featured local talent with a wide range of experience... some were just kids, others were veteran performers. You might recognize some of the guys performing above. Hint: one is in the Hungry Guy commercial. Click here to catch a short instrumental jam that was one of those magical spontaneous moments you just happen to stumble upon. I love hearing unplugged acoustic music and voices under the open sky by the water. Very cool.

If you can't watch the high def widescreen version of the Sing or Sink piece, here's the CCTV YouTube Channel link.

In my next post, I'll tell you what else we have in store for the December show... but I anticipate that for the next two days, the Star-Advertiser blog box will be filled with about two dozen Volleyshot updates of the Wahines tournament matches, which means you probably won't notice any other new blogs posts over the weekend. Go Bows!


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2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Sing?”

  1. Christy:

    I went to this event and it was awesome! My friend didn't win but the contestants were amazing. Hope this local company makes it big with their site Looking forward to the next event or contest.

  2. Rich Figel:

    Yeah, there were a couple of young ladies who were worthy of a shot at American Idol... Forgot to mention who the winners were. Jerry Tanaka, one of the SoS partners, sent me this email note:

    The winners were declared that night (Aaron Domingo and Keilana Mokulehua; Runner Ups were Shane Tsukayama and Ashley Lilinoe). We are just featuring them online now to share the video clips.