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October 5th, 2012

We interrupt my originally-scheduled blog on Vegas gambling lessons, to bring you this update on local folks who will be appearing on the Travel Channel and Cooking Channel this weekend -- people we just happened to have featured on my Career Changers TV show. More on that in a bit.

On Eden Eats, Cooking Channel 322/1322, you can catch her Honolulu episode in which they filmed Aye Aye Maw's Burmese Pop-up Dinner a few months ago. Although the premise of Eden's show is they visit different ethnic restaurants and eating experiences within a 24 hour period, they actually spend several hours  -- even days -- at each location to get the shots they want. In this case, it was the Pacific Gateway Center, and the filming crew was there for a very, very long time I was told. That episode also includes Agnes' Portugese Bake Shop in Kailua. (The owner, Non, and I go way back to my pre-rehab days when I used to frequent Jake's Hideaway on Bishop Street, where he was a bartender back around 1986-88.)

That episode airs today (10/5) at 4 pm and 8 pm, then again on 10/6 at 3 pm and 7 pm, but will probably be repeated throughout the month if you search for it. Our segment on PGC's pop-up dinners ran all last month on OC16 and can be seen on the CCTV YouTube Channel by clicking here. By contrast, our low budget run-and-gun shoot took only about 2 hours and was minimally invasive, which was greatly appreciated by the PGC staff and dinner guests.

Over on Travel Channel 325/1325 this weekend, Legends of Hawaii will feature paranormal investigator Preston Galera and Hawaiian historian/ghost tour guide Lopaka Kapanui. We just did new segments on them for our Halloween edition of Career Changers, premiering Saturday night on OC16 after high school football (around 9:30 pm). You can DVR it this weekend at 2:30 am on 10/7 or 9 am on Monday... or view them in small screen, lower res format by going to the Trick or Treat link on our website.Trick or Treat

You'll also find a couple of Lopaka's ghost stories that we couldn't fit into the show, along with segments from past Halloween episodes on that page. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll have more to post about other interesting news related to those people and filming that show!

For daily viewing times and other useful links, please visit and check out videos from past or current episodes on the CCTV YouTube Channel. Have a great weekend... and let's hope the Bows -- er, "Warriors" -- don't get blown out again in San Diego! BTW, Lopaka is related to Chad Kapanui, a former UH football player many old-time fans will remember.

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