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Vegas Hot Streak

September 20th, 2012

I'm back, baby! And I've been on a hot streak of sorts, which partly explains my absence from the blogosphere. Just as some sports teams or athletes seem to get all the breaks when they're winning, I think the same thing can happen with individuals at times. But I believe it's largely a case of people making their own luck, and using their intuition to recognize opportunities when they arise. It's about having confidence in the abilities you've developed, and trusting your instincts.

My current string of fortunate events began a couple of weeks before my wife and I left for Las Vegas earlier this month. I was at the annual OC16 Producers Luncheon held at the Hawaii Okinawa Center (click here for video we did on the center) where the execs informed us of some exciting new things they'll be offering, and handed out awards for the most popular shows. Da Braddahs received a lifetime comedy award, Hawaii Goes Fishing got top honors for biggest ratings again, and my former Career Changers TV co-producer -- Ron Darby -- got the Producer's Choice award from his peers for The Pet Hui show. Unexpectedly, I was given the Mahalo Award for going above and beyond in meeting OC16's production deadlines, providing promo material when requested and responding to other requests promptly. Stuff that's just normal business for me, but greatly appreciated by the staff and executives at OC16.

That bit of recognition made me -- and my team -- feel really good. I also received a hundred dollars worth of gift cards for Callaway golf merchandise, an added bonus. But wait, there's more! They played a 30-sec promo for that month's CCTV episode, which featured a segment we did on human trafficking about a mother and her teenage daughter. Later that night, I got a call from a local music celeb who produces an OC16 show. He told me he was really moved by the piece ("A Mother's Story" link here) because he grew up on the streets of Waikiki and Chinatown, and personally knew kids and adults who were exploited by pimps. He felt what we're doing with the project was important work, and said he was proud we were airing this on a channel that was originally known mostly for high school sports and surfer shows. His call meant so much to me. But it came about because I put in the work -- making time to do the promos for OC16 and sending them in on deadline, which resulted in the extra attention my show got at the luncheon.

When we got to Vegas, we lucked out on our accommodations. Years ago, we bought a timeshare week at the Kona Coast Resort, and have been using it ever since for exchanges in other places around the world. Many times we've gotten our top choice because we plan ahead and put in reservations well in advance. Still, you never know for sure what you'll get until you arrive and see the unit in person. I was a little worried that the Jockey Club might be rundown because it's an older property situated between the high end Bellagio and the trendy Cosmopolitan, which targets a younger crowd. It turned out that being tucked towards the back in a building with no casino was a good thing. We had a quiet, spacious one-bedroom condo with full kitchen, and a view of the famous Bellagio dancing fountains from our bedroom window. It put us in a good frame of mind as we ventured out to the casinos and shows we saw. And when you start out feeling positive, it often carries over into whatever you're doing. "Luck" is mostly a state of mind.

In my next post, I'll tell you about how we fared at gambling -- and why I think what I saw in Vegas is further indication that the economic recovery is not only real... it's bigger than the pundits on cable news are telling you based on statistics, instead of what's really happening on the streets of America.


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