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Egan Inoue Gets 5-0 Role

July 27th, 2011

imagesAwhile back we featured feng shui/astrology consultant Alice Inoue on my Career Changers TV show. She suggested we do a story on her ex, Egan Inoue, who she is still close friends with. I'm glad she did -- turns out there was a lot I didn't know about him, other than the MMA titles and an ugly divorce he went through that resulted in claims of domestic abuse against him.

Egan was exonerated of all charges and won custody of his three daughters by that marriage. But it was a costly battle... and ironically, it was the domestic abuse allegations that led to his latest career in the fitness business.

During our interview, he recounted how he began researching domestic abuse cases because he wondered how many husbands were wrongfully accused, as he was. What he learned opened his eyes to how many women were being battered. Marcia, who he is married to now, suggested he do self-defense classes for women.

Egan says he came to realize that while self-defense techniques were important, many more women could benefit by working on their general fitness. As they got into better shape, they also became more confident and felt better about themselves. So that's why he began the bootcamps and classes for women, men and even children. The work-outs are different each day, incorporating a variety of sports training techniques that Egan has learned over the years. He started out as a professional racquetball player, then got into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and eventually returned to UH on a swimming scholarship -- yes, he was a competitive swimmer! -- before he became a five-time MMA champ (also did a stint as a pharmaceutical sales rep).

By the end of the interview, I almost forgot to ask him about the Hawaii Five-0 job he landed. He was on set the past two weeks doing stunts for fight scenes and had a small speaking part. Egan said about two years ago he was hired as a trainer by one of the 5-0 staff writers, who asked if he'd be interested in being on the show. At the time, Egan said he was simply too busy to do it. But when the second season production started rolling, Egan made time to add another occupation to his resume: actor.

There was one more bit of irony. Egan said things have come full circle from his self-defense classes for women. In his Hawaii Five-0 appearance, he gets his butt kicked by a woman -- Kono (played by Grace Park). The segment we taped will probably not air until September, however, since we have a jam-packed episode for August.


You can still catch the July show until next Thursday, which includes a segment about Michael Stiber, the former Aloha Airlines pilot turned children's story author... the Star-Advertiser ran an article about him in Saturday's paper. For daily viewing times, visit www.CareerChangers.TV or check out videos from past and present shows on the CCTV YouTube Channel.

2 Responses to “Egan Inoue Gets 5-0 Role”

  1. Mr. B:

    Egan would make a great Yakuza character on 5-0! Maybe make him one of Wo Fat's hired muscle! I must say that Hawaii 5-0 got better and better as the season went on. I really hated the first few episodes for the following reasons - characters trying too hard to be funny; mainlanders doing a ridiculous job of trying to speak pidgin; Trying to pass off full-blooded Koreans (Chen and Kono) for Hawaiians; too much use of the word "haole", etc., etc., etc. However, as time went on, the story lines got better.

    Still sounds kinda dumb when Magarett, Kono and Chen try to speak pidgin. Same with Dog Chapman. He and his crew try to speak pidgin, but they just can't pull it off. Why do people do this? If I go to Boston or New York, I'm not going to try and use a Boston or New York accent. That would be dumb.

  2. Rich Figel:

    I'm not sure I can say much about Egan's role, since I don't want to get him in any trouble for spilling the beans!

    Regarding the show itself, it is what it is. I think they blew it with casting another non-local as the new Governor... could've introduced another character that reflects our diverse ethnic groups that might have tied into some more organic storylines for a change, but nope, that would imply they actually care about what's actually happening here. Really, most of the episode plots so far could be set in any Mainland city and you wouldn't notice the difference.

    My recommendation: if you have Netflix instant streaming, watch Friday Night Lights from the first episode of season one to the last episode of season five. Best American television series ever, hands down. That is an example of terrific writing and acting -- puts most current movies to shame.