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Name This Motor-Cooler Thing!

March 18th, 2011

Motor coolerWith all the bad news this past week, I'm looking forward to the weekend and going to see the Bows basketball game Sat. night. It's not the NCAA tournament, but hey, they're one of the few Division I teams still playing in March -- and Miah, Zane, Vander are worth the price of admission! Good seats are still available, so get 'em while you can.

On a somewhat related note, everyone in Hawaii knows we love tail-gating at football games and weekend cook-outs. But sometimes you have to park a long way from the picnic site and lug heavy ice chests pretty far. Well, local inventor Mark Bell came across a motorized ice cooler, which is in the same legal classification as motorized wheelchairs and mobility devices, and has the Hawaii dealership rights for the product. We're going to be selling it through the Career Changers TV show and our website. But first, we need a local style name for it!

The battery-powered device can hold up to 300 pounds and will go 15 miles on a single charge, according to Mark. Hook up a wagon or another cooler with wheels on it, and he says you can pull an additional 300 pounds in grinds and beverages.

If you submit a name that we decide to use, Mark said he'll give you some kind of "cool prize" and CCTV will kick in a free dinner or something like that (value about $50). While shooting a future segment on the product at Magic Island last week, a lot of curious people -- locals and tourists alike -- stopped and stared. Many of them thought it was a great idea, so we're excited about the prospects of rolling it out soon... pun intended.

Just click on comments and enter your suggestions below. Since I have to manually approve all comments, it may take awhile before they appear online.

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10 Responses to “Name This Motor-Cooler Thing!”

  1. Frank Machado:

    How about this: "DA COOLA ROOLA"

  2. Pamela:

    How's about "DA-SCOOLER" or "DA SCOOLER COOLER"

  3. Rich Figel:

    Not bad, but if you heard either of those names without seeing the product, would you know it was a cooler that you can ride? "Scooler" is kind of on the right track...

    Feel free to submit more than one suggestion!

  4. Mark Bell:

    Keep those creative names coming. If your name is chosen, you get the cool prizes.

  5. Rich Figel:

    Burl Burlingame sent in a couple of good ones: "Cool Running" or "Cute Scoot." Anyone got something that sounds more Hawaiian?

  6. Dan McLafferty:

    Koola Ka'a.

  7. Rich Figel:

    Love the "Koola" part... Frank had "Da Coola Roola" earlier. Might have to combine suggestions and give out multiple prizes!

  8. Mark Bell:

    Libby adds "Icecycle", Michael pitched in with "ToteAbout"

  9. Mark Bell:

    Liz suggests: ‎"Meals on Wheels", "Cool Cruiser", "Drive -n- Dine"

  10. Rich Figel:

    Due to high volume of spam I'm getting, comments are now closed... but if you have more name ideas, please send them directly to my email address to be considered for the contest. Mahalo!