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Disney at Jan. 19 "Job Quest"

January 13th, 2011

Disney's new Aulani Resort at Ko Olina will be the featured employer at the big Jan. 19 job fair at the Blaisdell, according to Job Quest organizer Beth Busch. You'll find a link to the Aulani site at the end of this post, which will give you a better idea of what kind of positions are available. However, there may be other jobs not listed so it may pay to visit their booth to find out more. The event starts at 10 AM and runs until 3 PM. Click here to pre-register.

If any of you plan on attending and would like to be on the Career Changers TV show as a "job seeker" (we'll let you pitch your qualifications to our viewers), please email me <> or look for us at the Blaisdell. Over 125 companies will be represented, and word on the street is that the pace of hiring is starting to pick up in Honolulu. Dress as if you were going to a job interview and bring up-to-date resumes. Be prepared to sell yourself on the spot since there will be actual decision-makers and HR people at some booths.


Speaking of the Aulani Resort, which will include the mythical Menehune as a motif in their water park area, I received some exciting news yesterday: my LEGENDS OF THE MENEHUNE big budget family/adventure screenplay made the Amazon Studios first ever Top 50 semifinalists cut. They received over 2,500 scripts from all over the world, and will be announcing the six finalists for two $20,000 cash prize awards next week. Amazon's Hollywood partner is Warner Bros., and they intend to produce movies that are developed through the competition process. Thanks to all of you who downloaded my script! Although peer reviews were not included in the judging process, I still appreciate the local support.

As much as I would love to have Amazon Studios or Warner Bros. buy my script, I really believe it's a Disney movie -- and it would tie in nicely to their Aulani Resort menehune theme, of course! Anyone out there with a Disney connection?


The Hawaii scenery looked spectacular in last night's premiere episode of Off the Map. As for the show itself, eh, wasn't terrible... a bit too cutesy for my tastes. Felt like it was trying too hard to establish characters' back stories. We get it already -- they're all trying to escape something in their past and taking a "leap of faith" by literally jumping off a cliff into the ocean. If you want to see a great television series that has superb writing and acting, use Netflix streaming to watch the first season of Friday Night Lights (which features one of the young male actors on Off the Map).

Ostensibly, FNL is about how life revolves around high school football in a small Texas town. Yet it's really about families, and people who are doing their best to achieve the American Dream. It's the most realistic TV drama I've ever seen. I didn't watch it when it first aired because I thought my wife wouldn't be into the football aspects... wow, was I wrong. Isabel got hooked after one show, then insisted we watch all 23 episodes of the first season within the next couple of weeks! Seasons 2 through 4 were just as good or even better since the characters truly grow over time. Even if you're not a big football fan, I think you'll like it a lot. It will break your heart, while leaving you wanting more after each episode is over.

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  1. Ed:

    The pre-register link for the job fair doesn't work.

  2. Rich Figel:

    Are you sure? It works when I click on it. If not, go to:

    There's another pre-registration link on that page.

  3. Ed:

    The link takes me straight to a website called Zoomerang.

  4. Rich Figel:

    Yes, that's the pre-registration page for Job Quest. I just clicked it and it works. Maybe it's your browser.