Blog Update: Bookmark this...

June 17th, 2010

Sorry, readers. I'd really like to offer more tips and advice related to careers and job hunting, but my posts keep disappearing from the blog box shortly after they appear.

The problem is the box only will hold 10 blog links, apparently. Newer posts bump down older posts. Older posts vanish -- you can find the transplanted Advertiser blogs on the old Advertiser blog page though.

The alternative is to add blogs you like to your RSS feed, or bookmark individual blogs. Mine is:

I've emailed the S-A webmaster and pointed out that this affects all the bloggers since some are posting multiple times in one day, while others are more sporadic. Also, for some reason I keep seeing double posts for some blogs. No response from management yet.

Hopefully, they'll expand the number of blog headlines or keep them in the box for at least a day or two. My suggestion was they have a separate Blog page link at the top of the box that readers can click on to view all blogs and post headers for the entire week.

Is it just me, or is the text on the newly added blogs appearing all the way to the left of your screen with virtually no margin space?

While I'm here, any suggestions on topics you'd like me to address? Besides blog problems, that is!

One Response to “Blog Update: Bookmark this...”

  1. Rich Figel:

    Here's another way to organize blogs: Google Reader...

    What it does is allow you to subscribe to multiple blogs and Google Reader will add the latest post whenever that blog is update.

    Thanks to lit agent Nathan Bransford, who included that tip in his blog along with some other time-savers he uses: