On Camera Job Seekers Wanted!

May 18th, 2010

At prior job fairs, we've taped employers for video job listings on the Career Changers TV show and posted them on our website for those who couldn't attend in person. On Weds., we're going to give job hunters a chance to pitch themselves on TV and our YouTube Channel. Why not give it a shot?

If you plan on going to the WorkForce job fair, May 19, we'll be there shooting between 9 am and 11 am at the Blaisdell Center. According to Beth Busch of Success Advertising Hawaii, the event organizers, there will be over 130 companies and recruiters -- which is a significant increase over last year. So perhaps things are starting to pick up for Hawaii's economy.

We'll be looking for candidates who can succinctly pitch themselves to prospective employers in 30 seconds or less. Tell them why they should hire you, or at least contact you for an interview through CCTV. Since our viewers include small business owners and people in management positions, you never know who'll be watching!

Just look for a short, balding hapa-haole guy (me) and producer Ron Darby, the taller haole guy in glasses with the high definition camera on his shoulder. You can also try calling me on my cell phone Weds. morning at 228-6521, but my phone might be off if we're taping.

We'll also follow-up on some of the job seekers we film to see how things turn out. For tips on how to make the most of career fairs, visit our website and check out some of these YouTube videos:

Beth Busch's Job Fair Preview

Judy Bishop's Resume Tips and Interview Pointers

Good luck to any of you who will be there!

10 Responses to “On Camera Job Seekers Wanted!”

  1. Michael:

    On camera many won't hire an "Ugly Betty".

  2. Rich Figel:

    We had trouble finding job seekers who were willing to go on camera. To me, it's not about looks. It's about how the person presents themselves. Many of the candidates we saw lacked confidence, and weren't really dressed to impress prospective employers.

    But I think it's true that attractive-looking people have an edge over less attractive types. BTW, Ugly Betty was a great show while it was on!

  3. Scott:

    People that take care of themselves physically most often have a well balanced life. It is very fair to base your judgement on a person's potential based on their looks, along with many other traits, of course.

  4. Z:

    I think it might also have to do with local culture. Most of us who are raised here have a hard time "selling ourselves".

  5. Rich Figel:

    Z -
    That could be true -- although some of the people (both job seekers and exhibitors) were mainland transplants, who were also camera shy. I'm the first to admit that I would balk too because I have a fear of public speaking. Which is a real problem for me, since screenwriters are expected to be able to pitch their ideas and scripts verbally to agents and producers... I've blanked out or fumbled some chances to sell my scripts to Hollywood people because of that too.

    Next year, we may try to set up a booth with a professional business consultant to help "coach" job seekers on how to improve their pitching skills.

  6. Michael:

    I enjoyed it too.

    I knew Dr. Hung Wo Ching of Aloha Airlines Inc. He even, as a Millionaire never dressed the part. He wore a simple suit and a bow tie. Talked with employees and customers alike. A customer would ask, Who is that Man? I would say the Owner.

    One dresses the part to attract like a peacock. Does not mean they can walk the walk. Women dress sexy to attract male viewers. Anybody can dress the part but when it comes to doing the job, can they?

  7. Rich Figel:

    There's a saying in AA and self-help/motivational circles: Fake it 'til you make it. In other words, act the part, believe in the part or role you're acting, and eventually you may become that person.

    Or as other motivational speakers have said, "We become what we think about." Judy Bishop, who owns an employment agency, offers this great bit of advice: "Dress for the job you want -- not the job you have."

    As Scott noted, your physical appearance does reflect some of your internal values and priorities. We do judge books by their covers, which may not always be a fair or accurate assessment of what's inside... but that's reality. Most of us decide within seconds of meeting someone how we feel about them, based on first impressions.

  8. Michael:

    Would you hire Einstein by his looks?

    If one has to fake who they are, then that person is not real. I would hire honest people who are not afraid to be real.

    There is no difference between using a pen or sword, both can cut.
    Balance, is to know when to use which.

  9. Z:

    It depends for which job. People tend to hire based on what they expect employees in a job category to look like. Megan Fox might not get hired to be a scientific researcher just as Einstein might not get hired to do public relations.

  10. Michael:

    It was pointed at other comments.

    I know Einstein would be hired for his knowledge but who would know by looking at him that he is close to being a genius.

    Then again Megan Fox may have a college degree with her looks.
    It seems many actors and actresses are both smart and talented.