PET PEEVS (oops)

April 5th, 2010

Yes, the headline is an intentional misspelling. No, it wasn't intended as a play on the topic of employer pet peeves in our latest show, which started airing last week. But "not proofreading" resumes or emails probably should be on the list of things that bug potential employers.

For instance, I recently read a funny Texts From Last Night post on Twitter in which a hungover college grad said he just got back from handing out a hundred resumes at a job fair -- only to discover he had mistyped his BA degree as "BACHELOR O FARTS." Oops.

Even if you're normally careful about proofing copy, mistakes can still slip by... especially if you've rewritten or edited stuff and looked at it so many times that you just don't "see" the obvious error. Which is why it always helps to have a fresh pair of eyes check your resume or any important written material before it goes out for public consumption.

However, that's not always possible in our fast-moving, multitasking world. The problem for me as a TV producer is that when we make a typo on a graphic or phone number that appears on screen, thousands of viewers see it. Anyhow, we caught a couple of mistakes after turning in the April episode to meet our deadline, and the corrected version will soon be airing in its place.

So what's the funniest typo you've seen or made in an email or text that came back to haunt you?

Here's a short preview of this month's show (viewing times listed here):

Link to April CCTV preview.

For those who are not offended by profanity and unseemly behavior by young people, here's the Twitter link to TFLN (Texts From Last Night). Often rude or related to binge drinking, but sometimes very funny too. Read at your own risk!

2 Responses to “PET PEEVS (oops)”

  1. Michael:

    Thought you were being puny. Ha Ha.

  2. Rich Figel:

    When I saw the show had aired with that mistake, it wasn't very punny at all! But it's fixed now. However, I spotted another typo in a company name that was put on screen for the same PET PEEVES segment. It identified a person who worked for the "Valenti Printo Group." Should have been "Valenti Print Group." Mea culpa.