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Color Career Test - Try it Out!

February 25th, 2010

No, it's not based on skin color. Came across this odd online test that analyzes your color preferences, then suggests what occupations you'd be best suited for. According to the site, the "Dewey Color System is now the world's most accurate career testing instrument." Um, sure, if you say so. (Test link at bottom of post.)

I took it a couple of times, and changed my color selections. Yet the results were the same for the first career choice. It reminds me of other personality tests that list so many traits and generalities, you're bound to spot a couple that seem to fit you perfectly.

However, there are major companies in Hawaii that are now using more sophisticated online tests to screen job applicants. A friend of mine scored well enough to get called in for an interview. The employer went through a thick, customized report prepared by the testing firm, which outlined her strengths and weaknesses -- based on the tests, not her actual work history. My friend felt the analysis had some valid points, but she didn't agree with everything in it.

She didn't get the job. The employer said it was between her and someone who had more experience in that field. But she wondered if there was something in those test results that swayed their final decision.

Any of you have to take personality or skills tests for jobs you applied for? What's next -- genetic testing?

Give it a go and let me know what you think! Here's the link...

(Note: after you're done, an ad will appear, which you can close to see your results.)

23 Responses to “Color Career Test - Try it Out!”

  1. Rosette:

    yes I found my career...sit home watch t.v as mommy ...I am the organiser according to the far to good my house is half organize.....the mess is my husband he can clean his own section...

  2. Rich Figel:

    Rosette -

    Organizer, huh? Guess they don't have a category for "Blog Commenter"!

    Mine was Researcher, which isn't totally off the mark. I became a writer because I like to ask questions and enjoy researching subjects for my book and movie ideas.

    These are bleak times to be a writer in Hawaii though, if you're a journalist. Will blog about "D.I.Y" journalism/media opps next week.


  3. Rosette:

    reason why I comment is because in between doing my facebook and downloading things I comment..... to kill time...I read things on the net so in between I never know you might learn something from people's comment.

  4. Rosette:

    after raising two kids I am killing time answering blog...certain section you get points..

    what kind of movie ... every thursday night we rent movies.....THANK GOD my kids can fianlly watch movies that doesn't involve cartoons..OMG...after two kids I am not
    looking for is just fun answering that color test son might answer that ..but he knows what he want to accountant.

  5. Rosette:

    yes with career you make sure you have back up plan...lucky my husband work....and my oldest he can get a job..but hard looking for I tell my son make sure you pick your carrer right..well lucky he got us as back up plan ..yes yes sit here relax with mom rent a movie I say! JUST BE FRUGAL...relax you have lifetime to work I tell him.

  6. Rosette:

    we have winter season here so MOVIE is the thing we do during you come up with movie for us to watch during WINTER. ..I save movie watching during winter..with summer weather you have I guess people are doing outside things instead of watching movies.....CHRISTMAS winter movies cozy winter movies..I love action ...all sort of movies.

  7. Rosette:

    so much for my blog now I have lots of things to copy and comments.....comments for a year I think....

  8. Rosette:

    you can probably research from people in blogs and check people's home made movies this way you get ideas...then make movie.

  9. Rich Figel:

    Rosette, what's your record for posting comments on a single blog thread?

    You should start your own blog... then all us Advertiser bloggers can post our comments on it!

    Have a nice weekend watching movies. But go to an a theater to see AVATAR in 3D if your haven't already. It's not something you can watch at home on television, and get the same affect.

    I wrote a big action/family adventure script set on Kauai about the mythical Menehune people of Hawaii, which would be great for a big screen Imax 3D movie...

    Also wrote another big action script called STUNT GUYS, which is like DIE HARD in a theme park (aging stuntmen have to use old school skills to defeat real villains that take over the park to hold VIPs hostage for ransom).

    Both screenplays got read by major Hollywood companies, including DreamWorks, but no offers yet.

    Anyhow, I don't think people would buy tickets to see a movie based on someone's home movies -- unless those home movies were pretty wild or unusual like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

  10. Rosette:

    no what I mean is if you look at other people's home movies you can pick up story lines off it....YOU got to have time I look into some guy home movie it was comical.....

  11. Rosette:

    okay okay you never know go answer one of the dream work blog they might hire you ...if they have blog post....or just answer any blogs from actors ..they post blogs....yes ......

  12. Rosette:

    okay okay make a movie about a ninja SANTA.....usually people go cabin fever during winter so write that....! YOu got to time it during around Christmas movies....

  13. Rosette:

    aging stuntmen have to use old school skills to defeat real villains that take over the park to hold VIPs hostage for ransom.....

    SANTA SAVE by aging stuntmen....YOU NEVER KNOW twist your story around!

  14. Rosette:

    yes picture this Santa has to hire Cesar Milan to train one of his reendeer to behave...! story.......just keep coming up stories...! HAVE A GREAT DAY.....let yorru imagiantion of your story will make it.

  15. Rosette:

    then maybe writers should get write the first section then pass to the next person then to the next person write story made up by seven never know what 7 people come up with...usually people write story to target kids....KIDS with cabin fever!

  16. Rosette:

    okay seeing the country people has no job so SANTA went to find another second career...SANTA has health he went to the gym got kidnap by some guy...NINJA to the rescue....but you see Santa has hidden talent..HE IS ALSO a ninja... SANTA learn his lesson people has no money so now SANTA only give APPLES for Christmas..ha ha ha ha.....! well is that good so far..funny! see that just keep making up anyway good luck with your stories.

  17. Rosette:

    okay okay I found a good story unique story....

    see this animal....HOW about scientist turning peole into half is made of plant....the world was so polluted that peole mutated into need to eat..just use sun as energy....the water will be full of this slug type to clean the ocean....etc that good?

  18. Rosette:

    if more slugs in the ocean it will clean out all the acidic type of water fresh water again....OH GOOD STORY HUH..people with plant hair MUTANTS..omg! you said you are research type here you go researh this then turn into story!

  19. Rosette:

    yes I was reading the water is getting the half slug will take some of that carbon out...fresh water again.....see I got good imagination.

  20. Rosette:

    wait a minute there you said it..there is a movie to make from people's home movies...see you just look in people's home video then come up with stories.....! PARANORMAL... title of the movie ENTER THE ORB.... !

    "unless those home movies were pretty wild or unusual like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY."

    I can coem up with the beginning...a group of aging ninja's they stalk a pedophile they kill him after the evil pervert serve his time in jail..when ..but as they kill this pervert his evil soul came back as ORB....omg then he enter a body of one of the ninja then stalk those guys..then only a soul of pure girl she happens to be the snake charmer challege the ORB....omg see wild stories....DREAM WORKS will wake up and make your movie for sure...funny!

  21. Rosette:

    here be unique with your story.....SO I HOPE you get some inspiration for your stories....TWINS ...people want to amuse kids during winter so you must make your story for kids A BOY AND A GIRL TWINS STORY .. so this way both gender will watch the show....good luck!

    Couple Gives Birth To Black And White Twins… Again

  22. Rich Figel:

    Rosette -

    Thanks, but I have plenty of ideas that I have discussed with Hollywood managers and producers...

    Please remember this is a blog about career opportunities and jobs, not a public forum for spitballing movie ideas. If you have ideas for movies, why not try to write your own screenplay? Just write a complete story with a beginning, middle and end -- don't just toss out scraps of half-formed thoughts. Actually sit down and write it out for yourself, if that's something you're interested in doing.

  23. Rosette:

    oh I saw the movie avatar....well now hard to beat that.,,,good for you you discussed it....No I am too busy relaxing ... better off to be a watcher on the side !