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Psychologists Wanted

February 19th, 2010

On this month's Career Changers TV show, we have a segment about job opportunities in the psychology field. When times get tough, stress and mental illness problems increase. So does alcohol and drug abuse. That means there's a need for more counselors, therapists and psychologists.

Losing your job can be devastating. Marriages suffer due to money woes. Long periods of unemployment can lead to depression and anxiety. So if there are any professionals out there reading this, who specialize in this area, we'd like to have you on the show to offer advice and tell viewers where they can get help.

Another question I'd ask: If you're out of work and lose your health insurance coverage, what do you do if you can't afford private counseling?

Sadly, at a time when more drug and alcohol treatment is needed, the State is cutting funds in that department -- which will probably lead to an increase in crime and accidents that cost taxpayers more than what is being "saved' by these budget reductions.

Relevant link: U.S. News & World Report rated "Marriage and Family Therapist" as one of the 50 best careers of 2010, with strong growth over the next decade. Median annual earnings for therapists were $45,000 in 2008, while the top 10 percent made over $71,000 a year. Your mileage may vary.

Calling the next Dr. Drew: Is there a psychologist in the house who would like to be on Career Changers TV? Please send email to

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8 Responses to “Psychologists Wanted”

  1. Michael:

    Wonder what would a psychologist say on my Comments? I look forward for answers which I doubt any psychologist would answer for free.

  2. Rich Figel:

    Note to psychologists or counselors: Michael's comments are under the Open Forum blog topic thread posted yesterday...

    I think they'd say you're not alone. There are a lot of people in their 40s and 50s who are out of work, and feeling some anger or bitterness that they might be getting passed over because of their age or other things that are beyond their control.

    Life isn't always fair, unfortunately.

  3. Scott:

    I worked for the State from 06-09. I enjoyed 3 years of 4% pay raises, then suddenly the threat of layoffs. I agree that none of us did anything to deserve the pay raise! Our boss didn't ask us to work harder, Hell, she never even did the mandatory yearly evaluations. We wandered about our cubicles, content with our pay raise each year, with no more expectations.

    I jumped ship and moved to a small town in No Cal. I am seeking work, but it was a decision to be near family. I am a full time dad and my boy will be 1 in 3 weeks 🙂

  4. Rich Figel:

    So, Scott, do you think the problem in your department was a result of (a.) unions (b.) government bureaucracy (c.) poor supervision/management (d.) all of the above?

    Also, are you gonna do the big first birthday luau? Hope your move back to Hawaii is working out for your family!


  5. Michael:


    You tell me what good are unions? Your blog. You are a writer or journalist. What have you to report?

    Why do people have to move away from Hawaii? Many born and raised here are replaced by illegal or sponsored workers that ARE not American Citizens. They work here but never become citizens, retire and pack up and move to where they come from. Their own countries cannot govern so they come in like dust in the wind and settle here.

  6. Rich Figel:

    Howzit, Michael -

    Ironically, in my last go-round as an Advertiser blogger, I got caught in the cross-fire of the newspaper union's plan to stage a "blog strike" when they were negotiating a new contract. I thought it was a silly idea, because even if all the bloggers -- paid Advertiser staffers and unpaid bloggers like myself -- stopped writing for a day or a week, all it would do is cause readers like you to go read other blogs... like over at the Star-Bulletin site. How would that help Advertiser union members make a case that they should be paid more, if they were driving away their own customers?

    That said, I started out as a newspaper reporter. My mentor was a long-time political reporter for the NY Times. He told me I shouldn't go into journalism because news people make a lot less than lawyers or other professionals. The only reason journalists get halfway decent wages or benefits now is thanks to unions.

    As a screenwriter, I can also say unions like the Writers Guild have done a lot to ensure the writer doesn't get screwed over by studios and producers. The Guild makes sure writers get proper credit for movies they write. In the past, directors used to take credit for the script when their actual contributions were pretty minimal. Producers used to pressure screenwriters into doing "free" rewrites of their scripts after the initial sale was made. So for writers anyway, unions have done a lot of good.

    But how many people actually move away from Hawaii because of unions or illegal immigrants taking jobs? I seriously doubt that's the main cause. If anything, unions are the ones who are protesting AGAINST companies that employ illegal aliens.

    The truth is a lot of people leave Hawaii because of the high cost of housing, and lack of good paying jobs. If you're a recent college grad, there is no way you can afford to buy a condo or house unless your parents help you out. Plus, many people without education moved to places like Las Vegas where you don't need a college degree to make good money working in casinos -- and before the real estate boom, they could buy nice houses for what a one-bedroom condo in Makiki used to cost.

    Anyhow, I feel your pain Michael... but I think you're barking up the wrong tree as to the real problem behind unemployment here: many people simply lack the skills they need to do jobs that are available, and that goes back to the education system. Hawaii needs to develop other industries besides tourism, but we need workers who have the skills to do jobs in bio-tech and other "green" industries that are good for the environment and the economy.

    Does that make sense?

  7. Michael:

    Like text messaging, if one comments charge 2 cents per comment, online. Texting on a cellphone is 99 cents per text or one can get unlimited service for extra a month. Why is online free to comment, free to view but buying a newspaper cost 1 dollar? Since online News, papers are not making money. Honolulu Advertiser has lost sales of paper. Classified ads are down. No one is advertising any products to sell. How come online is free? Writers get paid to write so should bloggers, but who will pay to comment if one is charged. Funny how business is run. Soon Advertiser will hire outside people who work non-union for cheap pay.

    Everyone should study why we have inflation. My thinking has been shutdown by so called experts, the very ones who cannot finance furlough Fridays. Why? Education means squat to me if cannot be used right or honestly. We have swindlers that run our government including union reps. Swindlers? I started a job on 1.25 an hour picking pineapple, I moved on and worked for more each time. In the US Navy I made 500 dollars a month, rent and food free for 3 years. I worked for unions after my job after being discharged was 7 dollars an hour. I left the job making 3 times that amount because I chose to move up in job status. I did jobs as janitor, golf course maintance, building supv. and ended landscaping.

    Why did you become a journalist? I feel I should have been one cause I have ideas to share. The pen is mightier than the sword and I am able to use both. I stand by what I write and fight to protect my rights. I see you write for the same purpose, to get your idea across. If not a journalist, you could write a book. I could but I have no degree. I would write not because of the pay but I have Ideas to share. If many authors thought why write, we won't have books to read. I think you chose a profession not to make money but to be heard in words.

    I see journalist writing tabloid News. REALITY? News that makes money off of bottom feeding news that is not news. What some celebrity does is News while someone is murdered takes second page.

    People leave because many think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I was born here and I will stay till the end. I think my situation is small. I expect in a few months to get a retirement from a job I stayed with for 25 years. I have VA benefits if needed. I hope to get by. I know a good thing when I been there. Why are people from the mainland coming here to Hawaii? To retire and the weather is great. They come here thinking it is not so bad but find what they retire on is too little to live on here. I also have no ambition to do other things. I can but with jobs so scarce, what future is there to work and be laid off for how many times in my life, again. I can do many things but I choose not to. My choice.

  8. Michael:

    I paid unions dues got laid off and the union forgot about me. What is the purpose of paying union dues? They didn't pay my Health Insurance or Unemployment?